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Matra By Mario Beaupain The program calculates the drawing diagram of Carbon and Stainless Steel wires, Bronze, Aluminium, Zinc and Copper wires. For Aluminium and Bronze, we considered the analysis more popular and with the higher tensile strength. For Zinc we considered the material with 99% of base material. For Other materials it is possible to enter the Inlet  and Outlet Tensile. In this case the program calculated the intermediate values with a linear interpolation. It calculates the diameter sequence and the relative reduction, the material tensile strength, the needing drawing force, the speed and the power for each pass.It is possible to work with constant or with decreasing reductions, to set the reduction of the last block and, in the case of external skinpass, to set the value of it. It foresees the final tensile strength of the material basing its calculation on practical values obtained from real experience. It calculates also the productivity of the machine with possibility to set the efficiency of it. It calculates the draw per pass using the advanced formulas of the Homogeneous Work, as inside specified. The program works with International  Unit Measure (SI) or with  United States Customary Units (USC).

Also calculating the drawing diagram for Slipping wet drawing machines

Download the program from Apple Store, iOS. The program is working in iPhone and iPad

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